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Very serious market research - Comic idea


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(not really THAT serious)

I've been wanting to start a comic for a very long time. Though I wasn't really fond of the concepts I imagined so far.

With this one however I might be on to something. But I'd like to make sure it actually has potential or if I'm just being turbo-silly.

As I have mentioned a few times already (though that was just the tip of the iceberg), this year has been fairly tormentous for me, but I grew more as a person than in all previous 22 years of my life combined. And that's something I want to share with as many people as I can through a comic. There are many formats I could use for this, but one I'd find particularly well-suited is the one used in a little comic strip from a recently-defunct satirical magazine. Said comic was titled "M. Danger".


The strips have even been complied in two books, "Survival for dummies".


It's basically a satirical depiction of the dangers of everyday activities, shown by a caricature or the dummies guy. The concept I have in mind resembles this, instead with lighthearted life lessons, and Captain Furfag (an extremely emancipated version of me if you're wondering):


I guess nothing prevents me from producing a few pilots to better illustrate my concept. But I'd still appreciate to get your first impression on this.

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