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QT Melon

Phone Sketches, 3D commissions starting at $5

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Hello Everyone,


It has been a long time. I'm willing to do small commissions with my phone. To make it as affordable as possible i will offer sketch commissions from my phone starting at $5 USD.The sketch will be monotone similar to the provided.in this post. While these are human examples., I am able to draw Furry as well and you may see more examples of my works at https://www.weasyl.com/~qtmelon


I am willing to color them for an additional price but the max should not exceed more than $25 due to them being on the phone.

All drawings will be SFW

$5 Basic Sketch

$8 - Flats

$10 - Mostly Flats with flat Background

$20 - Painterly with Flat background

$25- Fully Colored and High Resolution Copy


I may also offer coloring services at a later date...

You may simply reply here, or via note/contact details on my profile


Thank you for your time and consideration.




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I'm willing on offering 3D bust commissions starting at $25 dollars.

What I would like to do is just offer $25 for the base sculpt. I could either do a high res screen or several poses of your choice.

I'm debating on a small fee would be added for obj file., with continued  services for turntables, and retopology.

Example work attached. I'm willing to negotiate prices if anyone is interested. I would be willing to do a full body sculpt but the price would be higher due to time. Rigging one would definitely cost more






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