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Of course, today being the day I finally have time to thoroughly  wash my car I end up driving to the store for groceries and when I come out there's a woman  sitting on my hood in little booty shorts getting a big, giant, greasy butt-stain all over it while she's talking to a guy who's doing his best to crush a Styrofoam cup into the pavement with his foot. I asked them nicely to leave and was told by the woman, "Give me a minute I'm talking." 

She's talking??? TALKING??? I don't give a flying FUCK what she's doing, she's on my car and it's 95 degrees outside. I have a bag full of frozen things I need to get in my trunk and even if I didn't. MY fucking car. MINE. Not yours. I don't care if it's the most garbage tier, beat up car in NC you keep your ass off of it!!! Don't fucking tell me you're talking! *rage* 

I didn't flip out at her ( that's what these rants on the forum are for ) but I did tell her more firmly that she needed to get off of my car. The guy laughed while she, acting like it was the biggest inconvenience in the world, unstuck her self from the hood and waddled off, guy in tow. Of course, she left a giant, sweaty, ass print right behind. Since my car is black her handprints, butt-cheek prints and thigh prints are all extra visible. Shit like this makes me angrier than it probably should but the quickest way to piss me off is to help yourself to my things. Aside from the added annoyance of having to wash my car AGAIN I'm just enraged that a total stranger decided it was ok to come up and sit on my car then act like I was the one being disrespectful when I made her leave. Gaaaahhh >8[

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