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Biomutant is a recently announced open world semi-scifi action rpg where you play a little animal thing in a world of animal things. Combat involves a mix of gun shooting and sword melee fighting.

Here's a CGI trailer for the game:

And here's 11 minutes of gameplay:

By the looks of it you'll be able to have some control over how your character looks and have some moral choices in a sort of Fallout 3 esque fashion (though I hope it does a better job than Fallout 3 did at it).

I think this game looks really cool and has a lot of potential. It could still use a bit of work what with its movement animations, and I personally think the narrator could get annoying after a while (hopefully its just something for the tutorial), but otherwise I think this game shows a lot of promise. I know its a little thing, but I love the gun sound effects. They sound really satisfying. Anyways, what do you guys think? Anyone excited for it?

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