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Aside from internet furry things, one of my hobbies is disc-golf. There are a bunch of disc-golf parks in Metro Detroit, but to get to the one I went to today I have to travel down 8 Mile Road. Yes, that one. The northern border of Detroit. Anyway, near the area where Eminem was before he got famous, there's a motel named MnM Motel. And yes, it's shady as fuck. But not far from it is another motel named JZ Motel. I just thought that was a funny coincidence.


Anyway, I get to the park and it's nearly empty. There's one other guy disc-golfing, a group practicing softball on one of the diamonds, and a few people with their dogs in the pet-friendly area. This is fantastic! The other places I go are nearly always full of people and I feel rushed to get through the course. But the weather today was beautiful and I basically had the park to myself. I even stopped halfway through the course to make a call that lasted nearly 20 minutes. It was great!


But as I'm going along, I notice some things and decide to take pictures because fuck it, why not. First, I see this


in the adjacent neighborhood by the 3rd fairway. Now, this would be normal in some rundown area of Detroit that nobody gives a shit about, but this is a nice area. The park is in St. Clair Shores, which is in the upper tier of Detroit suburbs. It's a well-maintained park and the nearby houses seem fine. So, yeah...this was WAY unexpected.

Oh, well...


Later on I see something on the ground by the 17th tee. Being the UPSTANDING, CONSCIENTIOUS citizen I am, I decide to pick it up and throw it in a nearby bin. But before I do, I take a closer look and


well, well, well. Just as I expected. I wonder if it's from the other disc-golfing guy I saw, or if it's been here awhile? But, the container was completely empty and still very fragrant. You know, just in case you were wondering...

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