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Art Sites - links broken


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Just played with the username limit. Definitely one there. and your literally 1 character over the limit xD


[for whatever reason I can't seem to delete the image, I didn't add it to this post either.. it just keep popping up D: ]

[trying to edit it again, just worked on my post below, fingers crossed!]






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When you drag and drop images and it keeps showing up, click on the pic's delete button...or trash can to remove the attachment. It should prevent it from popping up again.


Yeah that's not doing anything, I have added and removed images before. but that's the thing, I didn't upload it to this post.. I edited the post to fix some spelling errors and hit save. next thing I know it's there. Everytime i remove the image either by clicking the trash can or deleting the image or doing both it's still there.

[Edit YEP! every time I edit a post it pops up... :/ ]

[Trying something new, just logged out and back in]

[Closed the browser this time to see if there is some cache that's keeping the file there on my end.. Might need to empty my browser cache manually]


[YES! fixed, its a browser thing]


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Quick test to see if it happens to this post too.
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But the FA and DA links there's a <wbr> between the name which i guess you put in the whole exact link to your page instead of just your name. (Which is why those links don't work.)

its adding the <wbr> because his username is over the character limit. @Carenath might be able to fix that but he hasn't yet so anyone exceeding that strange limit will have random code thrown in there link breaking it.


Username character limit is 19. both @Monochromatic-Dragon and @DevilishlyHandsome49 have 20 character names, which is one over the current limit

The limit should be extended to 25

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