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Whether or Not You are Commissionable


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(Credit goes to Arshes Nei for originally posting this)

"I am posting this here because I don't want to overflow the Critiques forum with stickies.

There seems to be a frequent question from members here whether or not they should open up for commissions, or charge.

There really isn't a straight answer, but I can tell you, about 80% of you that are about to post this question you need to really consider the following.

1. The ability to produce your craft. If you got major issues with anatomy, coloring, and so forth, you need to work on that first. In fact, the first thing you need to do is know when not to think of FA as a cash cow over caring about your art first.

2. Watches matter to an extent. If you don't have a lot of watches, and you've been on here for a while, you need to learn to earn some more. This goes back to 1.

3. What you will sell that will be different than what everyone else has to sell. Right now it's saturated with a lot of people wanting to sell artwork. If you are just another illustrator that can't stand out, I'm sorry but don't bother. Come back when you know how to stand out and market yourself.

4. If you're of age. Minors really shouldn't be doing commissions. No one wants to enter a contract with a minor, you automatically lose if a dispute occurs and the other person is a minor.

5. You can meet deadlines and have a good turnaround.

Other things to think about, is the price. The idea is "ok I'll sell them REALLY cheap"...which I guess is fine in a saturated market, but really what is the point. A dollar for work that the time spent could be done getting a real job (with better wages)? I know it sounds harsh but it's very true. What is the point of spending money on supplies, and other goods and sell a product undervalued to your time and effort? Let's also think about this, if you're withdrawing money form your paypal account to make a physical check...well once the fees make their way in, you really wasted your time doing utterly cheap commissions.

The reality is, if you're already about to ask the question if you should take commissions and/or at what price...you're not ready for them. You need to consider the following points in this post (I can add on to it, if people have more feedback). 

So consider it before posting, you're probably the 80% that need to follow #1 first."

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