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I got a new PC!


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Setup's a bit more comfortable than in this pic but here it is:


This bad boy has an RTX 3070 gpu, Ryzen 5600x CPU, and 16gb of DDR4 RAM. Its a POWERHOUSE and playing games with it now and seeing the framerate boosts and seeing how fast everything loads now, even things I didn't know would load faster is really rad.

Switching servers in discord is instantaneous. Opening anything is instantaneous  i can scroll down steam's activity bar infinitely because it loads before i ever reach the bottom. 
Death Stranding before on my old pc: 40fps with a gpu temp of 80 Celsius
Now: 60fps with a gpu temp of 38 Celsius

Final Fantasy XV also runs and looks great


Recommend me some really really demanding games!

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23 hours ago, Cyberra said:

Mod the ever-loving snot out of Skyrim?

I could do that but making sure mods don't screw with each other and making sure everything is installed correctly and in the right load order is a pain >.<

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