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Kingdom Hearts (the series)


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I'm not really feeling the main theme personally. Utada Hikaru does really uniquely outstanding work, but there's something about this theme that doesn't really strike me. I mean...it's good. But it's got too much of an R&B/Alicia Keys sound to me. Not shitting on Alicia Keys, it's just not what I expect from Hikaru. There's this impacting ~grace~ to Simple & Clean and Sanctuary (especially Sanctuary) that I don't really feel with this one. Probably just me though.

Also, Monster Sora. 

You couldn't make a better design if you tried, if your goddamn pregnant mother's life was on the fucking line. 

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Apparently the Gummi Ship sections are gonna be given a lot more emphasis. I heard that there was going be open exploration elements and that missions would play out more like (what it sounds to me) Ace Combat. And the customization is gonna be like...ridiculous. 
And Nomura said the final battle is gonna be enormous since it's something he wanted to do for KH since he got the scale of Final Fantasy 15 the way it was.

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