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incredible things are happening in china


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yeah but I am more interested in robotic waifus than anything.

A robot waifu with the following specs:

  • 16 speed transmission
  • All analogue circuitry
  • Operates on DC voltage
  • has enough battery power for 32 hours strait of....fun.
  • is interested in pangolins
  • personality of multiple TV moms and wifes and Ryūko from Kill La Kill
  • clad in depleted uranium armor under robotic skin
  • has several TOW anti-tank missiles
  • minigun
  • Anti-Air defense
  • toast slot
  • railgun
  • can manufacture foods 
  • can use explosively formed tantalum munitions
  • waterproof up to 2m of water(being realistic)
  • charges on standard household outlet
  • makes cutting remarks
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16 hours ago, WALFTEAM said:

 but does she have chainsaw arms



Thats the beauty of the robot waifu/husbando. They are very configurable, though some things are required. Like the anti-air, miniguns, railguns. Its easier from the engineering perspective to build those in.  

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