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Best way to preserve/collect natural objects?


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I recently had the habit of acquiring feathers. But I realized I also end up picking up miscellaneus things like the occassional bones, butterfly wings, and the like. Today I found a dragonfly and took the head only (I came upon it being brutally decapitated by another dragonfly, was pretty brutal), because I thought the reflective eyes were cool. (Would've taken the body but it would have been destroyed as I didnt have a proper way to transport it...and it was still moving)


So yeah, I accidentally ended up being a bit of a collector (Read: body part hoarder). I have no idea how to store them though, I've been keeping my feathers in a plastic baggie for safekeeping.

I was thinking to get a small display case. A wooden framed box with a panel at the bottom, and glass on the top...and to kind of attach them somehow. Glue? Tape? Velcro? And I could have the display case somewhere maybe instead of random bits all over the place like some creepy mad scientist.

Im always moving a lot, though. So as long as the case was easy to transport.


Conversely, I was thinking a photo album, and having the feathers and wings pressed in.

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Ever seen those display cases at museums/science centers for bugs? Its like a glass case with little spots for insects and things, you stick the bug onto a needle to hold it there. Although idk how easy that would be with just individual body parts lol

Resin casting aslo came to mind, probably a little hard to do but would be cool for certain things.

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Well first things first, you have to ensure that the feathers you have are legal to possess. I don't know where you live but since I assume the majority of people here are in the USA, here is a list of feathers you can't own:



As for what to do with them, nothing. Keep them in a shadow box or something, stick em in a vase, etc. The only thing you need to worry about are wild dermestids or clothes moths getting their bug hands on them, they will destroy feathers if they find them.

Bones: It depends on what stage the bone is in. Is it greasy? (Dark splotches, yellowy, not white, etc).
If so, put it in a jar of hot water with some dish soap and change the water as it gets cloudy, until the water is no longer cloudy.
After that, put them in plain old 3% peroxide until they're as white as you'd like them.

Remember that not all bones are legal to keep (in particular, most birds, all predatory birds/raptors, bears, sea mammals, etc)

I do this as a hobby, so feel free to ask me any questions you have

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