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First Fullsuit WIP

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Hey guys!

I had a thread like this on the old forums so i thought i'd make one here :)

So far, I have made the body suit and handpaws (im probably gunna redo them though) and ive done most of the head! Im hoping to debut the suit at Kamikaze con on halloween so Ive still got a bit to do before then! Heres some pics of the process and what it look like now! Let me know what you think :)




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Thanks everyone! Unfortunately, I havent been able to work on it for the past month because of college, but with thanksgiving coming up, hopefully I can make some more progress!

Bodysuit looks very nice! Make sure to give the head killer eyebrows to avoid thousand-yard stare 

Whats the best way to go about eyebrows? Ive seen some people use fleece and some use a different color fur, but im not really sure what to do.

Bodysuit looks good, but I do hope that you trimmed the head up a bit more.

Ya that picture was after a rough shave. Its still very much a work in progress!

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Funfoam (or worbla), fleece, and magnets. Magnets for making the brows easy to pose for fun facial expressions

Oooo! Thats a really cool idea! Ill give that a go

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