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About this blog

This is where the updates on my 13 week project will go + maybe some other stuff


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Program switch

Well, I finally got to do some more sculpting, however my trial licence had expired by today and using a 2nd e-mail address to get another key wasn't working, so I decided to give Mudbox a try.

Best decision ever, I'm used to working with Maya and 3DsMax so I got the hang of it in no time, still have some stuff to fix but I think the base mesh is getting close to finished :D

WIP pics:






So :3 as the title pretty much explains, there will be some WIP shots in here

To make this model in Zbrush I started with a basic human mesh, sculpted muscles on top of that to make him look more buff, cut of the bottom part since I only need the torso for my video, and started deforming the head and sculpting on it.

I still have to cut off the human ears and put on some new ones higher up and work on the muzzle. Plus my big fella also needs some huge paws and claws.

But so far so good :D I'm finally starting to learn how to properly use Zbrush and it's starting to get fun.

OW yeah xD here are the WIP shots:










Promised my teacher I would have a sculpt ready by tomorrow xD ... I messed up again, Zbrush saves are weird O.o I manage to screw up every time, oh well, this time I at least succeeded to save my sculpt as a tool so I still kinda have it somewhere :).

The premade human sculpts turned out to be a super useful tool to use as a base for my werewolf, adding some more muscle and a snout and tada :3 looking like a snarly wuf already.

I still have to get claws on him and rescale his hands, cause giant werewolf paws and claws ^-^ and my fella still needs a nice pair of ears and a shiny set of teeth but, I'm pretty pleased with the overall body structure so far.

Might rescale a bit in the end to make him more buff but meh, I'm done for now, picture will be uploaded tomorrow :D after I have figured out how to properly get my file open again and his ears have been added


So, I have my next 3D class this Friday, the plan was to have a rough version of the model ready by then.

However, I have never used Zbrush before, so making a hyper realistic sculpt in there without even knowing the basics of the program was well ... what the hell was I thinking *sigh*

So after watching tutorials for over 2 hours, I finally started to grasp the basics :D model time !

Well, about that, I had something that was starting to look a bit like a werewolf torso, however I touched some hotkeys I guess because all of a sudden I was outside my window and instead of sculpting I was creating mini versions of my sculpt out of thin air on top of the tiny part of my sculpt that was still visible.

Unable to even get my normal window back I just saved it, hoping the teacher can tell me what I did wrong and fix it.

Short recap: failure to launch

Fingers crossed the rest of this project works out a bit better xD


First things first

So :D first of all I'll explain what this blog is going to be about.

As some of you might know I'm a 2nd year student in digital arts and entertainment, this year I had to choose my major and I went with 3D and VFX.

Because I went with this major I also have a class called 3D prdouction, that basically is about how to render, light setups, texturing ...

Last week we had our first class and he said I have an unusual method, I like to let my students pick what they want to make for the end assignment, so by next week I want you guys to come up with an idea and present it to me.

So yup xD my furry side kicked in I was brainstorming about something with werewolves right away, when starting to really flesh out my idea I had this epic idea: what if I remake a part of my favorite movie ever, Van Helsing, in my opinion no werewolf can match the ones that were used there, plus, the werewolf form of Van Helsing well *blush* I think he looks kinda hot :3.

So without further ado, behold my idea:


Yup, this gif is the part of the movie that I'll be remaking.

The teacher gave me a green light yesterday to do this, he said it was the most ambitious idea of this year xD but that it could be done, with lots of work and effort put into it and that he would love to see me make this happen.

So xD short list of things I'll need to do to make this happen:

zbrush model -> add fur (maya) -> rigg the model (maya) -> animate the model (maya) -> add fur dynamics to automate the fur animation (maya) -> texture (idk what program I'll use for that) -> model background (zbrush) -> add lighting (vray) -> add background effects (fire and sparks - vray) -> render forever (vray)

So :) as you see I still have to do a lot in those 13 weeks, and on top of it I already get huge piles of work for my other courses, but I'm determined to make this work :3

side note: the teacher said that if I can't finish the whole thing in time I can just use a picture for the background and drop the light effects or only add those on top of the picture

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