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Sculpt is finally coming along :3



Promised my teacher I would have a sculpt ready by tomorrow xD ... I messed up again, Zbrush saves are weird O.o I manage to screw up every time, oh well, this time I at least succeeded to save my sculpt as a tool so I still kinda have it somewhere :).

The premade human sculpts turned out to be a super useful tool to use as a base for my werewolf, adding some more muscle and a snout and tada :3 looking like a snarly wuf already.

I still have to get claws on him and rescale his hands, cause giant werewolf paws and claws ^-^ and my fella still needs a nice pair of ears and a shiny set of teeth but, I'm pretty pleased with the overall body structure so far.

Might rescale a bit in the end to make him more buff but meh, I'm done for now, picture will be uploaded tomorrow :D after I have figured out how to properly get my file open again and his ears have been added

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If you managed to save it as a tool, you can load it with Load Tool in the Tool menu. Where it might be is another question entirely! :P


I still haven't quite gotten the hang of the project/document saving in ZBrush, myself. Since I end up only working on one model anyways, I end up just saving it as a tool and letting it create a new document every time. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

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