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Found 5 results

  1. Just curious if anyone still really uses the forums and if so how everyone's been since....well...2016-17 >or if I was active after that, that date I guess<. Had a nostalgia trip and remembered this place. Hope everyone's doing well.
  2. I was reading a book (Simon Stålenhag's Tales From The Loop) on my lunch break, hoping to catch a package delivery, when a particular passage mentioned the narrator recognizing a particular memory as being the first time he experienced nostalgia. It was interesting to me: normally one focuses on the past they felt nostalgic for, but in this instance it was a reflection on a past feel of nostalgia. I struggle to think of what my first feeling of nostalgia was, but I among the earliest came about from watching a Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoon where they gi looking for the farm they bought Snoopy from. They find life has moved on and the a parking garage now stands in its place. The line, referencing some intellectual (whose name is lost to me) struck a chord in my young, displaced mind: "I guess [they] were right; you really can't go home again." So, do you remember your first nostalgic moment?
  3. Guest

    Ye good ole kids' toys

    What toys did you folks use to play with as a kid? Personally, motherfucking Bionicle. In classic LEGO fashion, its line of toys would grant great creative freedom and I loved building MOCs, as they're called (which stands for ''My Own Creation''), when I would eventually get tired of the initial sets. This is what I came up with In general the franchise transpired of badassery, with a background story that made it feel like something come straight out of a mythology book Not to mention the cinematic trailers that would make every prepubescent impressionable kid like yours truly literally JIZZ in their pants with excitement This one is easily my favourite There's also a plethora of stopmotions and music videos, some of which are very, very well done. The community was just awesome in general AFAIK Good times. So? What toys'd you play with? Old nostalgia inducing videogames count too as long as you were a kid back then, even if this thread is more centered on toys to be honest
  4. Sound off about the toys you craved, desired, envied and coveted as a child... yet never, ever got no matter how much you begged, pleaded and annoyed your parents for them! For me, my top two unicorns from childhood are: Omnibot 2000 Lion Voltron
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