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Rave: New Manager


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So, I work at Subway and had an AWFUL manager. She was a snot to customers, employees, and cut corners to save money. Several old employees even quit and were begged to come back (by the store owner) but they refused cause she was there (they are back now).

Anyways, she trashed the store's rep so much that we finally got a new boss (who is awesome). She has been in charge for a few weeks now and already things are looking up. Better scheduling, no dumb rules, and no evil boss. Awesomeness all around. 

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know what that can be like, a relative of mine just had management where they work make such an epic screw up that instead of firing said manager now they are cutting hours down to almost nothing thinking it will keep the place afloat.....(they don't seem to get the idea that limiting the work done does not help increase profits)

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