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Hello people I've never met! I'm Battlechili! It's a pleasure to meet you. Unless it isn't.

Anyways, more about myself: I'm a second year college student currently attempting to major in Computer Science in the hopes of getting into game development once I'm out of college. As can be inferred from this, I REALLY like video games. JRPGs and action/adventure games are my best buddies, although I'll play something from just about any genre if it looks interesting enough. Besides that, I'm a massive weeb and general animation fan. I watch a lot of anime, with Gurren Lagann, Eureka Seven, Bakemonogatari, and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt being some of my absolute favorites. But like I said, I love animation in general and will watch just about anything animated with some quality to it.

Also, on a more obvious note: I'm a furry. Hence why I'm here (well, and the fact that this is a new community of which I know nothing about and have definitely never seen before). Been a part of the fandom since 2013, although I've had interest since I first gained access to the internet. I don't make much art myself, since I'm a pretty poor artist and haven't had much practice, but I hope to do so in the future at some point. My main interest in the fandom is the art produced by others as well as other works involving anthropomorphic animals. And of course the community itself.

So hello, and I hope to have a bright future in these brand new beautiful forums.

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Hey Kaizy, Umbra, and Hewge. Good to see you guys. Its nice to see familiar faces. Although I can't help but wonder how this place will grow beyond old members without FA.

Gross, another furry?


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