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New take on an old NES favorite


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As a kid I enjoyed the hell out of playing Marble Madness on my NES. Well, it looks like a new generation take on that classic is on the rise. First, there's the newly greenlit Dexterity Ball 3D, which looks fantastic. In a similar vein of re-imagining things is another jazzy-looking greenlit entry on Steam called Roll Playing Game.

Now, if somebody would just re-imagine Q-bert I'd be deliriously happy.

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There's spelunker world. A new take on the classic spelunker. Still the same basic stuff too. I'm playing it on ps4 using my sisters account cuz my asian account doesn't have it on the psn store. :V

I'd never seen Spelunker, but I like the way Spelunker World looks. In a lot of ways it reminds me of a new take on Lemmings, but this has story line and way more of an environment to work with.

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