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Found 18 results

  1. According to the Killers, 'I got soul but I'm not a soldier'. According to Bill Bailey, 'I got ham, but I'm not a hamster'. What have you got, but what are you not?
  2. Here's a fun one! I got the idea from a book. Pick a movie title. You are allowed to add, remove or change ONE LETTER ONLY. Then write a brief synopsis of the plot of your newly-created movie. Example: Peed When a terrorist announces that he's put a bomb on a bus that will detonate if it goes below 30 miles per hour, Keanu Reeves wets himself and runs away. He spends the rest of the movie looking for a dry cleaners while someone with better bladder control defuses the bomb.
  3. People sometimes say things they shouldn't, and sometimes it's really funny! A nice simple game: the poster suggests a person, profession or general personality type. The next poster should suggest something that such a person would never say - or should never say! They then suggest another kind of person for the next poster, or just let the current topic ride if it's a good one. It's a bit like the 'Scenes We'd Like To See' game from 'Mock the Week' if you know it. Example: Player A: Things a Doctor wouldn't say. Player B: "Don't worry about your operation. Worrying will only make it worse. In fact it will probably kill you." Next topic: things a Politician wouldn't say. If you want to get creative with the topic (i.e. 'lines you wouldn't see in a Harry Potter novel') then feel free! Let's let the topic ride for now. So! Tell me: Things a Doctor wouldn't say
  4. As a companion to the Alt Sona game, let's have one for people who aren't furries (as far as we know!) One player names a famous person, the next player decides what kind of animal they'd be in the fandom and picks a new celeb for the next player. Example player 1: Jesus Christ player 2: A lamb, obviously. Jimmy Carter. Are we cool? Great! Here's the first: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  5. Say what job the users sona/avatar above you would have
  6. I can never remember the words to 'Hush little baby'. I get as far as 'If that looking glass gets broke' and that's it, I can't make the leap the 'Billy Goat' because it doesn't rhyme so I generally end up singing 'Papa's gonna buy you an artichoke' which is at least healthier and possibly tastier than the goat. Anyway that gave me the idea for this game! I'll start the song in the traditional manner by naming what I'm going to get for little baby. The next person should then make up a rhyming couplet to follow on. The first line is always something bad that would happen to / because of the previous person's gift. The second line should be 'Papa's gonna buy you a _________' - fill in the blank with a new gift. The next person then spins off from this new gift with a new problem and a new (rhyming!) gift. Bonus points for staying in scansion. You can play around with the basic format if you need to. If you don't finish by offering a gift, the next player can start the song again with 'Hush little baby...' and whatever fits the song. e.g. Player 1) Hush little baby don't you cry, Papa's gonna buy you a piece of pie. Player 2) And if that piece of pie tastes bad, Papa's gonna buy you Leningrad. Player 3) And if Leningrad's too far away, Papa's gonna buy something really gay. ...and so on. Hope that's clear! Here we go! Hush little baby don't say a word, Papa's gonna buy you an angry nerd.
  7. Inspired by the 12 days of Christmas song, the game here is to provide the gift your true love sent you. Every poster will specify the number of the gifts, counting down from the number of the user above. If the user above provided 1, then the poster gets to start the song again at whatever new day they want to count down from. Example: Poster 1: On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 2 'sona drawings... Poster 2: ... and a bazooka aimed at me! Poster 3: On the 13th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 13 colored pencils... Poster 4: ...12 stickers sticking... Poster 5: ... 11 sharks'a swimming... etc. Rhyming, being lyrical is optional and don't bother trying to repeat the same gift each time we hit a particular number. I'll kick it off! On the 30th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 30 auburn foxes...
  8. Nice, easy game here! One person names a product or service that people probably don't want to buy. The next person then has to come up with an advertising slogan, jingle or similar to sell that product. They then name a new product for the next person to advertise. Example: Player 1: Bromide! Player 2: Bromide: Once you eat it, you can't beat it! (Rhyming is optional!) Everybody got that? Here we go, the first product is... Donald Trump's Hairstyle!
  9. Hello! I am accepting writing commission, if you're interested. UPDATE (2019): Please visit our official website for our most updated info: http://sites.google.com/view/writing-commission Fanfic / Story Commissions: Genre: I am fine with all sorts of genres, including blood/gore, erotica, non-con, sibling/cousin incest, pedophilia, beastiality, harem/reverse harem, etc. However I'm not comfortable writing about big-gap age difference (under 20 years is still okay). Fanfic: I can do fanfiction too, but you need to check with me if I know that specific movie/tv show/anime/manga/etc fandom or not. I am familiar with these universes, but you're welcome to ask and check for any other fandom: Game of Thrones Harry Potter Any Marvel or DC movies/animation Any popular anime / manga / movie / tv show Add: If your story is not within the author's range of knowledge, there will be some research and extra $25 charge involved. Plot & Requirements: Please feel free to order as much as you like. You can be as detailed or as vague about the plot. I can work with anything! For example, from 1 to 10, how much detailed you want me to put in the sex scene(s)? What are the tags/warnings? What do you like and don't like? Write the events/plotlines in • bullet points • according to the story timeline, so that it will be easier for me to follow. You can use bold to highlight the certain areas you want me to put emphasize on in writing. PRICING $100 = 2,500 words $200 = 5,000 words $400 = 10,000 words $600 = 15,000 words $800 = 20,000 words Art + Story Bundle If you are using for publication purposes, there will be a 20% extra charge. Please also credit the author's name (to help get her name out there more). PAYPAL We only accept payment via paypal, credit/debit card (via paypal invoicing). SAMPLE Example of my existing stories can be found at the following sites: Google Drive: http://sites.google.com/view/writing-commission/order AO3: http://goo.gl/MjxtmD SoFurry: http://writingcommission.sofurry.com (turn mature setting on)
  10. YCH - Want my gym? Come get it! Pokemon Go YCH Any Gender Any species Your team Color on gym Any Pokemon on top of gym Matching game outfit SB $50 Increments 5 AB $200 RULES - reply to the last bidder - serious bidders only - NO removing bids - PAYPAL only - N0 3D refs - finished art will be colored, shaded and lunminated See my gallery for examples of my style. Auction ends 10th August You can bid on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20741717/ - Art by me Pokemon go (c) to Niantic
  11. Oh god, let's try this. I thought it would be NEAT if I drew a lot of characteristics from the forums and we made a CLOSED ORIGINAL SPECIES!!!! together. In the comments below, please give me a characteristic! for instance: Dog Ears or Gooey Hair. and I will try to incorporate it into a CLOSED ORIGINAL SPECIES!!!! just for you guys! Some ideas for characteristics that might be needed: -Head type/shape: Bird - Rhíulchabán -Eye type/shape: Sheep Eyes - Newt -Nose: Dick nose - Alexxx-Returns -Mouth: Prawn Mouth - DevilishlyHandsome49 -Ears: Fox Ears - Endless/Nameless -Horns/Wings/Claws whatever: +Quills - Vaer (NEED MORE OF THIS STUFF) -Hands: Aye Aye Hands - WolfNightV4X1 -Arms : 4 Muscled Human arms - Valery91Thunder -Legs: 3 Wooden Goat Legs - 6Tails -Body : Snake - WolfNightV4X1 -Hair: Wiry white fur with black tips - 6Tails -Tail: Shark - MissFleece -Feet: Platypus - Stonebandit ETC ETC ETC. After I get like 20 characteristics I will make it into our BRAND NEW CLOSED ORIGINAL SPECIES!!!!! Also you can add whatever else if you can seriously think of something. One per person (UNLESS ITS RLY GOOD.) STATUS: CURRENTLY DRAWING PLEASE STAND BY. This may take awhile, I will be busy the next three days but I will be toiling away MAKING US A BABY DONT YOU WORRY. -
  12. GemWolf


    Post 3 things about yourself, 2 must be truthful and one must be a lie! Nothing illegal please! ________________________________________[ - how to play! The person above you has told you 3 things about themselves, guess which one they are lying about! Post info on yourself etc __________________________________________ So naturally I will start lol (1) I have been in the same job for 13 years (2) I'm from another planet (3) sometime I fantasise about a fictional character
  13. Recently bought to my attention, there is currently a Kickstarter campaign up for a tabletop game book 'Genlab Alpha', in which the players take on the roles of mutant anthropomorphic animals in an apocalyptic future. The website says it better than I can: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1192053011/mutant-genlab-alpha What I can tell you is that the original game this is based on is very good, and the production qualities easily on a par with Wizards of the Coast. It was a loose 'sandbox' style tabletop game with an emphasis on base-building and several interesting meta-systems. I presume that this spin-off will follow a similar course, though I can't say for sure. I do know that it's stand-alone though, so you don't need the original 'Mutant: Year Zero' to play it. Last I looked it had already soared past double its required funding level less than six hours since launch. It's looking very nice indeed. Lookitty:
  14. I've got ideas rolling around, and I'd like -something-, some kind of goal, to keep me motivated to draw and put to use what little I remember from college. Lately, I've been considering tinkering with creating a game of my own, but my experience with such is paltry at best. Despite that, I want to try and make something a little more... I guess the word would be 'action-y' or 'engaging?' I'd like to try my hand at something other than a turn-based RPG or a point-and-click adventure. I know I've got an old copy of Flash floating around somewhere, but I was never terribly good at actionscript; even with tutorials I could never make a thing that moved when the arrow keys were pressed. Does anyone know any good resources or engines for creating a platformer of sorts? I know asking this question pretty much means the project is doomed from the start, but I need something to keep me going anymore.
  15. What dark secret does the above poster have in their Closet based on their Avatar? We all know everyone keeps a few bones in the closet let's take a look.
  16. As a kid I enjoyed the hell out of playing Marble Madness on my NES. Well, it looks like a new generation take on that classic is on the rise. First, there's the newly greenlit Dexterity Ball 3D, which looks fantastic. In a similar vein of re-imagining things is another jazzy-looking greenlit entry on Steam called Roll Playing Game. Now, if somebody would just re-imagine Q-bert I'd be deliriously happy.
  17. I remembered this game from the old forum not sure if i created or not... Anyway the point of the game is to continue the story by giving four words at a time. Ex. Person 1: Once upon a time Person 2: There was a fur (etc.) i'll start off My name is Furmental
  18. Name a movie that best describes your sex life
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