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It's another artist thread!

Yeah other people are doing it so I figure at least I'm not the only person flailing my arms, trying to get some attention! :P

I draw the usual Furry content, as well as some Pokémon stuff. Occasionally that may deviate, but not often.

I'll preface this by saying that I don't draw anything pornographic, but there is nudity, and perhaps imagery that is arguably rather provocative, so anything like that, I'll just be providing external links for. I'm not really sure what the rules for this forum are in regards to nudity so better safe than sorry.

For now, I'll just throw in some work that I'm personally fond of for whatever reasons in no particular order. Some might notice a signature/logo change at the end, that would be when I chose to take a new artist name, and decided to make myself a new signature as a result.

Is an Umbreon

This is a character of my own creation, her name is Faira, she's a Fox Lamia hybrid who enjoys hunting and beating up jerks

Is a Lucario

Tango the Dingriff, a hybrid Dingo Magpie character that belongs to another artist friend, done for an art trade

Socks the Fox, another character that belongs to an art friend, this was done as a gift to said friend

Is an Applejack. I don't draw ponies much at all. 
But I used to, this was meant to be something of a revisit to an older drawing I did back when I was into this kind of thing

I only have two external links to NSFW/Vaguely suggestive looking images.

This first being of my Demon Monkey character/fursona; Keira. The character in my profile picture.
An adopted design, so not of my of my own creation. But she is mine and I love her.

And the second being one of my more recent things, a Persian Pokemorph 

I guess I'll keep updating this thread as I do new stuff!  


SOCKS profile.png

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