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Hello!! I'm Sutekh_the_Steak, as you can see from my username. Sutekh is pronounce Soo-tech (tech as in "technology") btw.

I used to post on FAF a lot but didn't make any posts there at all from December 2013 onwards, although I did post a little on the Weasyl forum (and still do, a bit). Basically, through Skype I've heard about this whole kerfuffle with the forums separating and got interested when I saw this new site had been made, so I thought hey, I might as well try it out a bit. If my understanding of what happened with FAF getting shut down is correct, it's a massive fucking shame all the data from FAF is gone, but some of the stuff I posted was kinda embarrassing so personally I'm not too bothered about my stuff going.

I'm 17 and from Scotland. I'm into music (mainly drumming), reading, amatuer astronomy, and Doctor Who (A LOT). I'm not really a furry or an artist or anything, but I liked posting on FAF and I like posting on the Weasyl forum so I'll probably like posting here too.

Other than that, Phoenix looks pretty promising so far and it's UI is nice and easy on the eye I think (especially when compared to what FAF looked like). Looking forward to how it does in the future. c:

(and I do apologise for this being quite long for an introduction post)

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