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Alexxx Returns!

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I was really upset over FA and IMVU having a bitch fit over our mutiny, but there's nothing to be done, just move on and start new, at least we still have each other, and the move over seems to have been quite lively!

For people who don't know me:

Online I pretend to be a red sergal. In person, I'm a 23 year old lady from England (but I'm 18 on the inside). This community has helped me improve many-fold at my art, other hobbies and interests of mine are writing, crafts/sewing, pole dancing, poi, piercings/tattooing, sciences (mainly physics and biology related), and music. I've played sax most of my life and I'm quite good, I'm also learning electric and bass guitar (of which bass is probably my favourite). I also sing and I used to be in a band.

I have 3 pets: a boxer dog, and two cats. One of the cats is a big feral thing, and the other is my cat, the most adorable and lovable thing in the world. Her name is Dizzy.

As for what I'm doing with my life, I spent 3 years out of school at university studying biology to enable me to apply to med school. After that, I spent a year out of education working, and I start med school this year. At the end of the day, I wanna be a surgeon, but of what, I am less sure right now.

Why did I choose a sergal? Well, I didn't intend to have ANY fursona when I first joined the fandom, but randomly browsing fursuit photos on dA introduced me to sergals for the first time, and after looking them up, I just thought they were the most amazing thing. Red seemed appropriate because it's my favourite colour.


Well, that's me, I'm hoping to be a functioning member of the new community again!

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