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Hello! The name's Wolven. Unlike the others returning from wherever, I'm a complete stranger to the forums. I had used a FA forum account once, but I hadn't really touched it in who knows how long. Anyway, I've been looking around for a furry community forum, and this so happened to be the result that popped up rather quick. It looks like a pretty neat place so I may stick around. Who knows? I'm still new to the whole community so it'd be nice to warm up to everything around here. I'm also warming up to the concept of being a furry myself although I've been fascinated by fursuiting, and anthropomorphic animals for years.

Yeah, there isn't any brevity in this intro, but I'll give a "brief" insight into this stranger. I'm a shy person in real life, but I'd love to get involved with the community outside the Internet. I'm also an artist for feral animals, and some mythical creatures. I'm also a college student studying computer science, but right now I'm just getting my general education credits out of the way. Which is why if you ask me anything about programming, I'll scratch my noggin because I forgot some of information I learned back in high school. Whoops.

I'll just end this introduction here. Nice to meet anyone who wants to be greeted in a thread written x hours ago!

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Hi there, mate! Welcome to Phoenix.

And hey, Computer Science? That's that thing I'm gonna start studying next year. Go you!

It's always fun to see a new face around here, especially since this forum broke from FA and changed to a more obscure domain. The stream of people is slower, but they're good people! Heh.

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