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Complacency at work (graphic)


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I don't know what everybody does here for a living, fuck, I don't even know anybody here, but safety is a huge factor anywhere you go.

I have no fucking patience for idiots that can see a problem clear as day and do nothing about it. I also have no patience for the worst kind of idiot that can watch somebody else do something stupid and not call them out on it.

Where I work, every place I end up has their own evacuation/muster procedures and their own emergency protocols; but there's so many fucking people that just don't give a fuck, going as far as to fall asleep in those meetings. There's always basic safety, but there's always idiots that want to skirt by that shit, too...

You can be stupid, running a grinder day in and day out without proper protection, being the lucky guy to have your zip disk let go at 5,000+ RPM into your face...

ua2MdCi.jpg.3c41d54797bcdc55c96bcccc420b v

It can happen anywhere,

And instead of it just being improvised shit, it actually happens...

Maybe not limited to a MCC

Take it from ol' Charlie

Bottom line, doesn't matter what the fuck you do for a living, or what kind of idiot that figures they're better than written procedures or legislation, don't take shortcuts.

Safety is huge anywhere, and people that figure taking shortcuts are the way to go, fuck them. I hate dealing with those assholes, they're so goddamned stupid.

Luckily the worst thing I've had to see to date was a guy that came back to work after they shoved a needle into his eye to gouge out a piece of metal that found its way in there while he was running a grinder in a shitty position. I had one fuck of a time looking at him, his eye was red as all fuck, it was gross.

Some of the stories people have, though...

Just pay attention, wear the gear you're supposed to, and look out for people. Don't be a fucking idiot at work.

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18 hours ago, #00Buck said:

Every morning I put on a condom before I leave the house.

can't be too prepared, you never know when that fucker's goona let loose like a supersoaker in a crowded area... nine months later, and all of the sudden you're paying child support out the yin-yang...

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I remember that one time while at work, I got distracted by the spreadsheet I was working on and choked on my damn coffee when it went down the wrong hole. Ended up spilling it on me too. I now practice proper safety procedures and wear proper safety gear: straw for the cup and bib for my neck. Though I'll probably poke my eye with that straw some time. Should probably wear safety goggles. Spreadsheets are dangerous work! :/

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Most employees will go through with health and safety regulations because chances are good they'll get told off if they don't. Customers, on the other hand...it's ridiculous the kinds of danger customers place themselves in and the fact that these stores do nothing to limit their liability. People opening kitchen knife packages to check to see if the knives are pre-sharpened, or if the super glue is sticky enough. Are these people really that stupid? If they are, I'm half tempted to suggest they stick their tongues into a light socket to see what the electricity tastes like. 

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Safety is a HUGE deal in my line of work. Pretty much everything we do is geared towards safety and risk management. It's amazing to me how many people in the general public just don't give a shit. The same customer that demands a "safe" flight will bitch and moan when you tell them it's not safe to fly in the current conditions. I've even had a passenger that got upset that we had been delaying a flight due to very poor weather and was asking me "well if I charter the plane THEN will you take me?" Um. No dude. I'd love to charge you charter rate but shit weather is shit weather. I still won't fly in it. Dumbass. These are the same people that demand a perfectly maintained airplane but get freaked out and assume you're unsafe and dangerous when they actually see a plane being maintained or heaven forbid their flight is delayed for a mechanical... Can't have it both ways. 

I think Randal said it best in Clerks. 

"This job would kick ass if it weren't for all the fucking customers"

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I'd take them up, fly them the long way around to avoid the weather, and come close to testing the stress limits of the airframe (stalls, hand bank turns, give that rudder a workout) and stress limits of their stomachs, just to fuck with them, while blaming it on the "bad weather."

(Honestly I wouldn't, though, cause I don't want to die too, but it's fun to dream).

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