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Rave: Good things (for once)!


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In an effort to challenge myself to focus more on positives than negatives, I shall victimize you poor fuzzies with the good things that have happened for me lately, even though none of you really know anything about me at all and probably don't care. Lucky you!

Finding steady above minimum wage work has been a struggle for my entire adult life. I was stupid early into adulthood and accumulated a lot of debt that has screwed me over into not being able to afford independence until just recently. The end of 2014 and much of 2015 provided me a lot of overtime work that allowed me to pay off a few bills and save up enough to finally move out of my parent's. The best part? I didn't have to settle for living in one of the worst cities in the US or for a crappy, barely livable dwelling. My apartment is actually damn nice when you consider where it's located and for the price ($575, 2 bedrooms in the middle of a nice city next to a school, my cats are allowed for free, and I only pay electric). The appliances are bare basics, but practically brand new. There's not much kitchen storage and overall the place isn't huge if you have a lot of stuff, but for a single person or a couple it's the perfect size (two independent people might struggle to find room for their things) and I use the spare room for storage and to hide the litter box in. It is upstairs above one person and moving in was hell because of the stairs, but I made it. The school can be a bit noisy during the day, but I learned (thanks to my family) how to sleep through noise during the day with the help of a fan, which is just loud enough to drown out noise without disturbing me. I'm also about the same distance to work, and even though I was hoping to move to the city where I worked, this is still fine too because I'm more centrally located than I was before between other possible work areas I may get sent, one of which I have been sent to already.

Finances overall are a bit shaky right now as I'm trying to repair my savings account after all the moving expenses and a rough last month of less work than I need, but I had a little overtime this month and I just got my January schedule and am happy to see I'm full time. If I continue to manage my money as well as I have been, I should do just fine through January and even February as long as I don't see a huge decrease in hours. There's still a few things I'd like to get for my place, but since I know I have to be careful I have some clear goals in mind that I need to reach before I can let myself buy anything that isn't absolutely necessary.

I've had my current car for about a year now I think, maybe slightly less. It has some minor problems, but overall it's been a very reliable car. There was only one morning last winter that it wouldn't start from what I thought was the extreme cold, but it turned out to be just the battery being dead for some reason, which was an easy fix. It has had some issues with leaking random liquids, but my dad managed to get that mostly under control. It still leaks oil a bit, but he can't figure out where from and I can't afford a mechanic, so I just deal with it since it's not too excessive. Also had to throw a good chunk of change at it when a certain part for the climate control system went out, but at least it was an easy fix. For what I paid for it, it's not doing too shabby I think and I hope I can get at least a couple more years out of it, truth be told I should be able to get more out of it if really needed.

Then there's the social aspect. It's been a really weird up and down past year or so, but we'll just focus on the good here. A close friend whom I had lost ended up being forced to talk to me a couple of times because of our roles in a gaming clan and, long story short, he ended up saying he missed talking to me and wanted to move past our issues. After a lot of talking stuff out, we decided to give it a try. We talked a lot for a while after, though now the talk has slowed down to a near halt. Still, it feels a lot better to know we've resolved our issues and this is a natural halt, rather than an intentional one because we were too toxic for each other. Because of the distress of losing him in the first place, I was forced to allow myself to lean on another person who has been very kind to me despite all of my issues and we've been growing quite close the last few months. I've also been very frequently talking to another friend who I've had on and off for a few years now. He tends to disappear randomly without word, so I don't know how long I'll get to bug him for, but this time feels a bit stronger than the times before.

I've also found a great distraction in Rainbow Six Siege. I've been wanting a new full-time game for a long time now, but nothing that has come out has been able to keep me entertained for more than a couple months straight, and even that much was a miracle. I don't know how much longer I'll be wanting to focus on it so hard because I can feel myself getting frustrated with it already (if I don't derp things up, someone on my team does), but it has been a godsend in keeping me distracted from bad thoughts and keeping me from over-bugging my friends (which they claim I don't do, but I think I do and that's all that matters). It's a lot of fun to watch people play it seriously, so even when I don't feel like playing it I'm usually watching streams of it and have learned a lot from doing that. Problem is, my favorite streamer is EU and normal human times, so I can only watch him in the mornings when I get home from work... I found 2 NA streamers that are decent, but they don't stream R6S as much as I'd like. So many other streamers are just immature idiots... >< Drives me nuts.

Oh, and my cats are fuzzy and kyoot and full of purrs (but also sometimes naughty... but that's cats for ya). It was a good feeling saving them from near death and poking at baby kitties is always fun regardless. More stuff on them here, but also a recent pic here.

So there ya go. A wall of text full of positive.

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edit: Okay I stopped being lazy and got the more specific gist of independence, friendship, and gaming.

All good things, proud of ya, I'd definitely be super happy about that myself! Hope things continue to b steady and looking up for you ^_^

Just now, Kinare said:

I was gonna put a tl;dr in there too, but then I didn't. =p I appreciate the attempt to skim through it nonetheless~

You didn't let me finish x3 but yeah, basically! I can relate. Good things are good.

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