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Smoothie Recipes!


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So my best friend got a really killer blender as a wedding present and gave me his older, but still really killer, blender for free. I actually want to put this fucker to use and cook up some awesome smoothies to drink in place of breakfast. So you know, load em with fruit and yogurt and veggies.

Dunno where to start though, which is why I'm here.

Any of ya'll have some fun recipes I can try? I'm hoping I can use this as a jumping off point to eating healthier, since shoving a shitload of bluberries or strawberries and bananas and whatnot together sounds like two or three servings of fruit if I do say so myself! I hear Kale is good for you too...

Peanut butter: Yes/No?

So yeah. Tell me what you guys make. I am curious!

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It's fun to discover what you like, but a typical smoothie Will be a big banana or two small ones, a bunch of frozen strawberry, some juice of your choice, but Apple is usually Good for this. You cam use water, but the flavor is not as strong. Top it of with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for sweetness.

The trick is putting enough juice into it while keeping enough empty air in the blender so stuff can nice around. Make it too thick And it Will stick too the sides, not flowing.

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