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Grognard Durrgon says hello


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Yay, phoenix is up! 
My name is Calemeyr. My character is a gold dragon. I really like D&D kinda stuff (though I prefer the Pathfinder dragon designs), but also science fiction and general fantasy. And anything with dragons, reptiles, sergals, birds, and mustelids. And dragons.

I like my vidya games, especially RPGs, sandboxes, and metroid-like games. I like anime and manga, though I've kinda lost touch with the more recent works (not really ino all that High School stuff!).

I'm an EE PhD student in LA, so I'll be in the city for a while, thinking about physics-y things and dealing with overpriced food.

I'm not really that active in the furry fandom, but I do have two fursuit commissions in the works! One's a Red XIII suit, (which should be coming any day now!), and the other is an artistic liberty frost dragon from Temperance/Komickrazi. I can't wait to wear them both! Red XIII will debut at Comikaze this year (still need to buy tickets, thank god there's no lottery like SDCC!). The frost drsgon probably at WonderCon.

Maybe I'll meet one of you peeps at those cons?


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