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How does this sound for an anthro universe?


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The universe itself would contain elements of both science fiction and fantasy. Not only things like advanced technology and interstellar civilizations would exist, but also unknown magic and mythical beings like demons, fairies, changelings, etc.

The primary setting of this universe would be a world that is very similar to earth, just slightly more advanced. The world itself would be filled with many different cultures, from more westernized to more traditional. The sapient population would include different mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, sharks, insects, and most likely even spiders. It would also consist of things like prehistoric/extinct animals such as dinosaurs, pterosaurs, marine reptiles, synapsids, etc, as well as legendary creatures such as dragons, griffons, jackalopes, etc. The non-sapient wildlife would be completely fictional, except the fish, mostly. The world would also have a rich history, such as prehistoric, ancient, medieval, etc periods. There would also exist a hollow would beneath the primary world, which only a select few people know about.

The primary world would be part of a whole solar system, where other terrestrial planets, gas giants, dwarf planets, moons, etc exist. The solar system would be part of a galaxy where many other planets that contain extraterrestrial life exist, though most of them being non-sapient. On top of that, the primary galaxy would be part of a whole galactic group, where nearby galaxies are home to far more advanced civilizations that can even travel to other galaxies by wormholes.

All of space itself would be just one of numerous planes of existence, known as the material plane. There would also exist elemental planes, an astral plane, godly planes, spiritual planes, demonic planes, etc, them being home to even more different races.

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