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Vyahdis and a ton of info you didn't care to hear


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Hi everybody, this is actually my first furry community I've really tried to join but I've been one since I was 6. Up until recently its something I really just kept
to myself but as I've gotten older I've had a strong desire to reach out. My realest first exposure to the furry fandom was when I use to rp with a friend online (she was a furry) and she introduced me to stuff like Furcadia. I'll talk some about my past:

I grew up from an early age with cartoons like Sonic (the Saturday morning one), Grimm's Fairly Tale Classics, The Adventures of the Little Koala, Tiny Toon Adventures and a ton of animated movies with either anthropomorphized animals or talking "plain" ones (Watership Down, many, many classic Disney movies).

I know for a lot of people identifying as a furry is largely a sexual thing (nothing wrong with that) but for me its some of that but also just a general obsession, more so than normal, with many
different animals, real, fictional and extinct. I feel a very strong affinity for deer, many types of canines, rodents and extinct animals, such as Elasmosaurus and many saurischian dinosaurs. I don't just simply -like- animals though, because I know a lot of non-furries like and even love animals, it goes beyond that. I often
time feel its easier to empathize with these creatures than most humans.

I am on the spectrum too and was diagnosed at 6 so that no doubt influenced me being very obsessive toward certain types of creatures, always staring and hoarding pictures of them. My first "crushes" were on anthropomorphic characters, the very first being one of the talking foxes from Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics. My first console was a Sega Genesis with Sonic 2 and the Jurassic Park game and I really liked Tails a whole lot (along with the raptor from JP) but I'm well aware that's regarded as one of the biggest furry fandom cliches ever.

While I'm not an "exclusive" furry, the human females I feel attraction to irl always have to possess (non-human) animal-like qualities in their face for me to feel attracted to them. Most often they resemble rodents or deer. Yeah, I said human females because in terms of my own species I am heterosexual but with others I'm more bi-curious I guess. 90% of the crushes I had as a pre pubescent were male. .

There's not much else I could really go into without writing an even longer post that most people will just gloss over, I admit sometimes I just like to ramble and write long stuff.

Sadly I lack any kind of artistic talent so I never participated in furaffinity that much, I knew several artists who did commissions for me off of there years ago but that's it. The extent of my artistic abilities just go to (poorly) painting Warhammer miniatures and model jets. I collect/pain skaven and chaos space marines..which I guess is pretty fitting, me being a filthy furry heretic and devotee of Slaanesh.

Other non-furry hobbies I have include collecting (and mounting) insects, collecting old vhs tapes and pokemon cards, putting together different kinds of model kits and uhh..playing semi-retro games and listening to music?



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