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LG V10 or Galaxy Note 5 (torn choices)

Augmented Husky

LG V10 or Galaxy Note 5   

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  1. 1. Which phone is the better choice in the long run for a power user?

    • LG V10
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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My birthday is soon and my dad offered me the money to finally upgrade from my HTC One m7 ^_^

And now come the first world problem choose of what smartphone I really want more for the next two years to occupy the noble position of any device....my pocket xD

Sarcasm aside I really am torn between these two as I like the LG for : 64gb storage, stronger build, second screen, and replaceable battery

where as the Note 5: better screen, more refined software, blood oxygen and heart rate sensors, slightly better camera, and Samsung Pay

So then I look to you all knowledgeable technical furrys for help in this oh so important choice

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I have the Note 5, but they've omitted the SD slot, battery access and IR remote capability... It's a good phone, but why lose features?

The Note 4 and the Galaxy s6 are the bomb. You wouldn't believe how much fucking fun it was to to shut every TV off in the establishment before you left. Fuck, it's making me laugh right now thinking about it.

The Note 4 can do PVR receivers too, god that fucking thing made my day so many times.

It is the ultimate fuck-with machine. It can even handle air-con units. It's the master of the IR spectrum.
I miss that fkn phone. Note 4 > all.

The Note 5 does everything otherwise, though. It can handle piles of attachments in emails, large pdfs, it has M$ office onboard, and a variety of useful improvements with the s-pen, lots more ram, and a very capable processor...

That IR feature, though. Fuck that made my life.

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I have the note 5 myself. And it's got one thing going for it that the other doesn't. It's the stylus. I dunno about others, but for me, I've always liked the stylus of the note series. Pretty much my main drawing tool these days. 


The LG one has the removable battery and the micro SD slot tho so those are features that's always been quite nice with the previous note phones. And I do miss the IR I used to have with my old note3. I also liked the usb 3.0 of the note 3.

That being said, I'd still go for the note cuz it's a beast. It's quite easier to grip too with its dimensions too. 


Edit: note 5 also comes with 100gb free cloud storage on one drive for 2 years. Just saying. 

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