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Hello from the other side

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For the sake of this forum, I am a teenage boy who identifies himself as "RocketUsagi". I am still quite shy about being a furry though I've had an interest in the fandom since elementary school. I've honestly spent a lot of time suppressing it, but there's nothing really wrong with it, is there? It's just a love of animals. Everyone in real life already knows me as an animal lover, but if I were to identify myself as a 'furry' they'd flip shit. Strange how that works...

Anyways, my interests outside of furry stuff include reading, writing, anime/manga, etc. Despite identifying as a rabbit I think cats are pretty cool as well.

Spice and Wolf is my current obsession. Such a good anime.

Nice to make your acquaintance, assuming you haven't already gotten bored and clicked off my introduction. I have that effect sometimes...

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Furries are just geeks who like fantasy animal art. So if you tell someone, don't make it like a confession. Because it's not a big deal and nobody really cares.
Honestly mate, if you put a furry avatar on your Steam, YouTube, DeviantArt, or whatever profiles you might have, I promise nothing bad will happen.

At any rate, welcome to Phoenix matey.

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Hello and welcome!  I was really secretive about my interest in the furry fandom for the longest time.  While I never explicitly told anyone I was a furry, I eventually just stopped trying to hide it and people found out.  Surprise: No one really cared.  Some folks didn't even know what furries were and thought it was kind of cool.  Just don't obsessive over it too much around others or shove it in others' faces and you shouldn't have any problems.

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