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The Holiday Thread


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Why hello there furbutts. So, let us all get super jealous at each other over the different places we've gone on holiday. (is aware of fortunate childhood) Please feel free to list the places you've been heck if you feel like adding a little information about the place or if you recommend it or not, feel free to do so!

Scotland - M&D's theme park. I don't really recommend it ^_^

England - Alton Towers (yay!), Legoland, Thorpe Park, Isle of Wight

Wales - Entered by mistake after getting lost. (the joys of Europe. You can accidentally drive into another country)

France - Disneyland, Some town on the border with Belgium.

Belgium - Yrpes, Brugge (Chocolate capital of the world!), Various WWI battlesites/graves.

Bulgaria - Sunny Beach (ruled by Bulgarian mafia!)

United States - Michigan (RIP Uncle)

Ireland - Various places around the island (i lives here)

Spain - Porta Ventura!

Jersey - Earliest holiday I can remember, was a Toddler. Quite a nice little island and I definately recommend visiting it.


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Universal Studios Orlando is gr8 m8.

Cedar Point is amazing, but it would probably be cheating here due to my proximity to the park (a couple hour drive).

Then again, so would Kennywood and Waldameer.

King's Island is a good 4 hours from Mentor, a cool place indeed.

I remember going to Busch Gardens in Virginia a long-ass time ago.

Rest in pepperoni Geauga Lake.

Conneaut Lake Park is desolate and burnt out, only go for the Blue Streak and kill your back.

I love amusement parks.

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