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What kind of Tutorials would you like to see?


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Tutorials for different medias would be good, as well as something for colour theory/scheme/choice, how to have a good composition, adding details to various kinds of backgrounds... These kinds of "technical" guides that sometimes feel left out.

Also maybe this is not exactly a tutorial, but some tips on how to make poses look natural and lively (maybe with a mention on action lines), because I've seen drawings with theorically perfect anatomy, but with the character that looked dead like a mannequin.

I'm no expert-expert, but if there's need of contribuition, I could scribbe up something =D

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It would be nice to see more tutorials based on the planning and construction of artwork. Theres a lot of planning thats missed out by some that hurts the form overall. You could also have a mix of figure drawing techniques as well as Furry-orientated tuts.

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