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Rant: Streaming


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So some years back, when Livestream was the top dog of streaming services, I used to stream digital art (rarely traditional but that doesn't work well when the webcam is built into the laptop). I stopped using their service because it bogged down my Macbook so much, and because a software update completely fucked how the program functioned on the OS I had at the time.

I do enjoy streaming, and would love to get back into it again. So I got curious and wandered over to Picarto. That's the flavor of choice for a majority of artists I follow, so why not; why wouldn't I wander that way? Tried and true, right?


This damn thing, I cannot get it to connect for anything. I downloaded the required crap, watched the horrifically outdated Picarto tutorial for said download. It was so flawed that it had little relation to the updated version of this middle man program. A few hours later, with the help of a friend the issue was corrected and my program was visible in the preview stream and on the Picarto site itself.


The connection is so insanely slow. I swear it moves at a single frame per 5mins. It just does NOT move at all. I know I have a fast, meaty internet connection, because even with everything possible connected to our wifi, the internet still flies without lag or issue. Upon mentioning this issue to another friend, who uses Picarto, she said it was a common issue with the service.

I seem to have shit luck with streaming services. I really, REALLY don't want to move back to Livestream, because I know how laggy it is. I've seen streams run flawlessly on Picarto, so why can't I have a issue free stream?!

Maybe I'm just sadly ignorant to how to solve this issue, maybe it's something only I'm dealing with, maybe it's an issue with more people..

Livestream lags, Picarto lags... wtf is anyone supposed to use that actually can handle the demands put upon the program?! Youtube? No, because LOL FALSE CLAIM once the stream is done, or hell, mid stream, why not? It's fucking youtube, you can claim anything and profit from it.

GIF related. left is Livestream, right is Picarto.


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Chat lag is the only real problem I've had. The stream itself has always been fine for me. But I know others who have had problems. Unfortunately I don't think they ever found solutions. Picarto was not my first choice. I actually tried Furstream first but had pretty much all the problems you just described.

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