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Hello! I'm the Rabbit Head!

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Hello, all. I'm Rabbit Head. I got wind of this forum from the FA forums and I was told this place was pretty fun, so I decided to check it out. 

I don't have a fursona, Well kind of. I have a persona that's simply a depiction of myself wearing a rabbit mask. Hence, I am Rabbit Head.

I'm an artist, I make art. Here's an example of said art: 



I love to draw anthros/furries, but I do other stuff, too.

My other interests are Horror movies, comics, video games, and heavy metal and rock music. 

What's up?!


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7 hours ago, Brazen said:

Not bad. You'll fit right in. What kind of comics are you into?

Shoot, all kinds really. A little superhero, a little manga, a little underground alternative, some webcomics. I guess I just love comics as a story telling medium.


4 hours ago, DrDingo said:

Fresh meat! That's what we like to see
Hey! You look fun. You should totally stay here forever

I-uh- gee, hm.... ;___;


4 hours ago, 6tails said:

Yay, more metal heads!

Black Sabbath 4 lyfe.

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