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The Prince of Egypt and Dreamworks.


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Anyone remember this film? My roommate made me watch it one night and its probably one of the best films I've seen out there. The animation is so smooth and gorgeous, the music is powerful and emotional, the themes of slavery and betrayal are strong and well placed, and the struggle between characters and sense of loss the two brothers feel for each other is really believable. The film also in general has a much darker tone from, well, any Dreamworks film since. It seems so strange to think the same movies Dreamworks makes today often feel like flat attempts at mimicking Disney instead of trying something powerful and risky like this.

Posting best track:



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Bible story or not, it was a great film, I mean I grew up watching a lot of stuff that I found kind of cheesy even as a kid but these movies were definitely good and well made.

And dark? Most definitely! The only dark movie I can think of besides that is Littlefoots mother dying (and Bambis for that matter). Its not often movies intended for a younger audience have a cold, chilling air instead of being lighthearted and happy all the way through. Which baffles me...tragedy is a part of life, and what better than to introduce it in a story arc that shows the course of life from beginning to resolution.


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