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"I've got some really old books"


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Like, fucking all of them. If I had more god damned time...

I've been meaning to reread A Wrinkle in Time which I last read in fourth grade and remember LOVING. I need to go and buy it again. I think it will hold up?

Wouldn't mind hitting up another Redwall novel again. I still have them.

I really need to reread The Dark Tower but that's a seven book series and will take at least four months to churn through.

Wouldn't mind going through Salvatore's Dark Elf Legacy again for shits. Been ages since I've opened one of those. Of course, th'ats like a 25 book series and will take all fucking year to reread.

Moby Dick is something I've been meaning to reread.

Uh. I could probably go on :P

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