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Phoenixed is on Discord! (UPD8 2017-02-26)


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We got ourselves a shiny new all ages official Discord chat!

Discord is a chat client for Windows / Mac, Chrome / Firefox, and Android / ios (no Linux support yet).
You can find it [here].


PM one of the site mods for access.
Anyone on the forums is welcome!

A heads up:

  • This chat is named Phoenix Forums Official, or PFO for short.
  • This chat is an extension of the forums and is not considered offsite. Behavior there does affect what happens here. 
  • If something icky happens on the chats, make sure to screenshot it and either PM or directly message the mods. 
  • This is the 100% official phoenix chat, moderated by onsite mods. 
  • Three strikes for invites: If you leave and need an invite back, we won't give one after the third time.
  • Due to issues regarding certain users continuing to ban evade, we require a month on the forums before an
    invitation to the discord chat can be sent. 8/18/16

"But wait! I have a chat too! What can I do?"

Want your discord chat shared as well? PM Staff with the name of your chat, any rules, maybe subject matter, things like that.
Discord Chat owners reserve the right to not invite everyone that asks. 


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The PDC (or Phoenix Discord Chat) is an adults-only hangout for Phoenixed members.
You must be an adult and must be a member of Phoenixed for admittance. Additionally, you must have a stated age somewhere here or offsite that is consistent across the board, or have a yellow members title (Red Lantern access) on the forums.

The adult status of PDC exists due to legality issues created by the casual adult atmosphere present there. This is not changing.
If you wish to join a Phoenix chat, and you are under 18, I recommend the PFO above.

Some things to take into consideration:

  • I am not required to invite anyone to PDC. If evidence or my personal discretion supports that you would cause needless drama, issues for me as the community manager, or break rules, there is a good chance you will not be let in the chat.
  • PDC is "adult", but it is not an indiscriminate murrypurry yiff chat. Anyone found being forwardly sexual to users who've not given prior permission, talking about or posting explicit sexual material outside of the appropriate channel, or posting photographic nudes / fetish pics of themself / other users / people they know will be warned and then removed from the chat, if it continues.
  • A ban from the chat does not mean a ban from the forums. But particularly bad instances of rule break (threatening harm on other users, talking about particularly abusive and illegal activity, admitted ban evasion, etc) may result in punishment against your mainsite account.
  • Keep chat drama in the chat. Those found dragging chat-specific drama all over the forums will have their access removed without chance for appeal.
  • Anyone using the chat as a "bridge" to solely or primarily harass other members (sexually, maliciously, or otherwise) will have their chat access revoked without chance for appeal.

If you're interested, shoot @Vae (me) a PM for an invite.
Invites are one-use only and do not work for adding other friends to the chat. Other users wishing to be added need to message me independently.

Because of recent issues with ban evasions and spambots, a month (including actual forum participation) must pass before new users are eligible for invite access to PDC.

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The PDC is closed until further notice.

People have largely migrated to their own independent channels and their own friend circles for conversation.
The PDC remained as a relic of the site's beginnings, when we didn't have an actual official chat. But with the formation of the PFO, and these independent spaces, it has fallen out of use and relevance.
It has served its purpose, and exhausted its activity. What little remained served as not much more than a porn-dumping ground, which is simply something I have no interest in continuing to host.

As such, the PDC is closed. Please do not ask me for a link to it.

If you wish to join a chat, I encourage you to either join the PFO as listed above, or inquire others about other independently-owned user chats.
(Phoenixed staff claims no responsibility for what goes on in independently-owned chats, and they are not a reflection of what we as site staff deem appropriate or inappropriate for the forums. Use them at your own risk.)

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The Phoenix Forums Official server on Discord is still up.  PM me or any of the mods if you want an invite.

Also, PM me if you have a Discord server of your own you want listed here.  All I need is what it's called and who to PM for invite requests.

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