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Fenrir's Art?


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On 28/04/2016 at 0:57 AM, Endless/Nameless said:

I'm not gonna say it's a masterpiece or anything, but I quite like the way you doed it. Well-placed lines and shading.

It gets a thumbs up from me.



lines are mostly good because I traced a photo, but the head was a fucking pain in the ass.

Furry heads are much bigger than hume heads. At least drawn they are

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So... none of this is explicitly furry art but... it's AA sprites I've made (mostly using bits and pieces from other sprites and scratching spriting here and there)

[align=center]Canon character sprites[/align]

Most of these (except for damage/nervous) are based off of Android 21 3/7's extra Lisa sprites.

Credit to Putin for the clenching Grey base.


Penny: asQWiyg.png
Cindy: ozjlojm.png
Lisa: fPvFKL6.png
Ema (hurt): wgCcUaq.png
Pheonix (blue suit): Y6St6bG.png
Valerie (in colour!): fpWbi6D.png
Diego (in court alone, with Mia and with Grossberg): OrKzfrI.pngylspy77.pngpGFNQ9B.png
Mia (in court with Phoenix and with Maya): U9vupSu.pngEtVWxPc.png


His poses are based on his GK2 poses. For a lot of the heads I used Android 21 3/7's Gregory sprites as a base.

The looking away head is based off of Zinle's AAI Buddy Faith sprite.

Credits to Silver Glas for the clean-up
light feeling:
normal feeling:
wild feeling:

[align=center]OC sprites[/align]

Name: Miranda Zarday
Age: 34
Occupation: Hunter
Miranda was once a decorated solider in the military, and has since retired after her service, after a brutal 2 year kidnapping at the end, to a quiet and easy life on the countryside, living with her family and her pets. Her time in the war gave her a new fear of small, enclosed spaces, as well as a heavy paranoia of people. She doesn't trust anyone that comes near her, due to many of the people she thought as friends during the war betrayed her, and she's always packing heat in her purse. She is quick to anger and jump to conclusions around people she doesn't know, but around her family, she is the kind, compassionate girl they know she is. She now hunts professionally for a living, and rumour has it she often times dabbles in illegal fur trade. She is extremely punctual.
Her last name comes from "tardy," something she tries to avoid being.

Normal: VdIxGth.gifRw82PK4.gif
Mad: hoUAkoK.gifkOCsjRu.gif
Pondering: t9XqMv0.gifpN6A6nq.gif
Questioning: dN2mofZ.gifhaSflW7.gif
Scared: UjI7fKq.gifCaBv1C5.gif
Smug: q0q3uhv.gif3XwYAoE.gif

Name: Quinn DiMagi
Age: 49
Occupation: Senior Defence Attorney at Cotta and Co. Law Offices./Teacher at Themis Legal Academy
Quinn in rather harsh. She can be nasty at times, and doesn't take lip from anyone, especially her students. She is one of the teachers in the Defence attorney course at Themis. She often reads notes she creates in her little black book, or, if you're frustrating her, she'll ignore you and read out of it instead. She is married as has 3 children, whom she will protect at all costs, even if one of them as gone astray from her. She is very protective of her students as well, of which Bishop, Terry and Aqua were. As a lawyer, she works with her three students at Terry's law office, and treats the three of them like her own children. She is a gifted lawyer, and has won a many cases.
Her name comes from the story "The Gift of the Magi," which my class was reading at the time I made her, and the word Magi just got stuck in my head.

Normal: normal(a).gifnormal(b).gif
Serious: serious(a).gifserious(b).gif
Reading: reading(a).gifreading(b).gif
Confident: confident(a).gifconfident(b).gif
Thinking: thinking(a).gifthinking(b).gif

[align=center]Kain Lewis: Ace Attorney sprites[/align]

Name: Leon "Leo" Terra
Age: 25
Occupation: Paralegal at L&T Law Offices, as well as co-founder.
Leon is, unlike Kain, a loud, boisterous guy. He wears his heart on his sleeve and shows his emotions without shame. He fell for Kain first, and pursued him first, and it worked out rather well for him. Leo is much smarter than his lazy, bum appearance would portray him as (he dresses this way to trick people), often times being smarter than Kain, who is rather smart in his own right. However, despite his book smarts, he is not very street smart, and makes rather rash decisions and drags Kain along for the ride. He's not afraid to speak his mind, and is quick to put someone back into their own place. He's somewhat of a control freak, and gets rather frustrated when something happens outside of his control. His head is more in the clouds than Kain's is, and he is quick to judge someone and quick to change his opinion on someone. He can get rather vicious at times, especially when he's angry, in which, unlike Kain, he's all fire, loud and angry and ready to fight. Like Kain, however, he will fight for the family he loves to the bitter end. His name comes from the Latin term for lion, Panthera leo.

Kendra Albright
Age: 31
Occupation: Homicide Detective
Kendra is a rather uncaring detective. She has little sympathy for the people she works with, including prosecutors, defence attorneys, etc. She's rather lazy when it comes to doing her job, preferring to let her fellow officers do most of the dirty work, while she does the talking. Nonetheless, she's more than willing to help out either side, as she believes in finding out the fact of the matter. She doesn't get much sleep and tends to always end up working too much.

Name: Jonathan Ford
Age: 22
Occupation: Student
Victim of The Simulated Turnabout. A very indecisive man, he got his car stolen from him.
His name comes from Ford, a car company.

Name: Sunny Deshroder
Age: 53
Occupation: Author
Victim of Turnabout Inheritance. A rich, caring, but not very involved mother of four (Summer, Adam, Wynter and Vera).
Name come from Sun->Sol->Solstice.

Name: Dean Jay
Age: 32
Occupation: DJ
Victim of Tune Into the Turnabout. A successful radio DJ who died while on air.
Name comes from deejay.

Name: Sapphire Jay
Age: 29
Occupation: Housewife

Name: Wulfric Lewis
Age: 52
Occupation: Unemployed
Victim of Race for the Turnabout. Kain's father who disappeared under mysterious circumstances 11 years ago.
Name comes from Wolf and (Canis) lupus.

Name: Kain Lewis

Age: 25
Occupation: Defence Attorney at L&T Law Offices, as well as it's founder.
Kain is a quiet man, preferring to keep his thoughts to himself, or with Leon, his husband. The two of them met during law school, at a simulated trial, where Kain was the defence and Leo was his assigned co-council. Long story short, they kept meeting afterwards and eventually they tied the knot and started their own law firm. Kain is a firm man, and is solid in his opinions until proven otherwise. He's very polite and well-mannered, but in his head he can be nastier than Phoenix ever was. Despite being a quiet man, he is not stoic like Bishop, as he does show his emotions much more easily than Bishop does. Kain gets frustrated real easily, can be easily flustered, and somewhat overconfident at times, but is quick to come back down to earth. When angered, he is all ice, cold and uncaring to his adversary until they are frozen by him. He is very protective of his friends and family, especially Leon, and will battle and fight to the end for them. His name comes from the Latin term for grey wolf, Canis lupis.

Name: Bishop Sharps

Age: 24
Occupation: Junior Defence Attorney at Cotta and Co. Law Offices
Bishops is a rather stoic person, and he doesn't as so much wear his heart on his sleeve as he has it buried 6 ft under and 2 metres more. When expressing his emotions, it's generally a change in his face or maybe the picking up of an arm or two. Bishop has an excellent poker face, but ironically is never any good at the game itself. Generally, he's rather quiet and in his own thoughts, and usually ignores or quips sarcastically at anyone that doesn't interest him. When placed in a leadership position, he can become rather bossy and irritable. He has some bad blood with his twin sister, Natasha, a prosecutor, and they often get into childish fights in court. He works at Cotta and Co. Law Offices with Terry and Aqua, and is the newest member.
His name, if you couldn't figure it out, comes from the Pokemon, Bisharp, as well as his sharp tongue to his sister and others.

Front: 2lkxo2f.jpg
Normal: normal(b).gifnormal(a).gif
Normal2: normal2(b).gifnormal2(a).gif
Proud: proud(b).gifproud(a).gif
Reading: reading(b).gifreading(a).gif
Worried: worried(b).gifworried(a).gif
Thinking: thinking(b).gifthinking(a).gif
Objection: object(b).gifobject(a).gif
Deskslam: desk(b).gifdesk(a).gif


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