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Planetside 2

Photoshop Amateur

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I searched around and saw that there's a previous PS2 thread but it's both dead and not full of much info. So I'll make one with a bit more info.


For those of you that do currently play then I'm mostly 95% NC @ TechnoConglomerate


For those of you that have never heard of it and are curious: Planetside 2 is an MMOFPS. All areas are open-world so there's technically no queues for fighting. However as of the newest update there have been systems implemented to help balance out global faction population so waiting to enter a continent can take a few minutes. Render distance for troops depends on how heavy a fight is; larger fights have slightly shorter render distances while smaller/none have max render distance. However vehicles can render out to (I think) 2000metres or more; not positive on that.


Screenshots of what the game looks like


There are 3 factions:

New Conglomerate: High damage low accuracy, low speed, slower mobility but highest armor

Terran Republic: Deep magazines, very high rate of fire and decent accuracy but lowest damage. Their main tank fires 2 shots per chamber

Vanu Sovereignty: Balanced damage, RoF and accuracy. Their tank is able to strafe and go up steep inclines


Construction was also released which allows you to play like a first person Command & Conquer in a sense.


There are 6 classes. 5 of which are standard while the last one is more of a super soldier.

Unit health is broken down into health and shields: Non-infiltrators have 500 shields, 500 health. Infiltrators have 400 shields, 500 health and MAXes have 2000 vehicle health. 

Note that you can only equip one of each type of thing per loadout

Such as: 1 primary, 1 seconday, 1 ability, 1 suit slot, 1 grenade type and 1 utility (explosives, medkits)


Infiltrator: Cloaks, uses SMGs or sniper rifles. Has access to EMP grenades and anti-infantry mines. Can also hack terminals, turrets and place motion sensors/spotters


Light Assault: Uses carbines, SMGs, assault rifles and shotguns as well as flashbangs, C4 and smoke grenades. Has access to 3 types of jets:

- Jump Jets with balanced vertil+horizontal movement.

- Drifter Jets which sacrifices much of its vertical lift for faster horizontal movement; also preserves forward momentum.

- Icarus Jump Jets which sacrifices almost all of your forward moment and horizontal movement for a super quick burst of vertical thrust


Engineer: Repairs buildings, vehicles, turrets and MAXes. Also supplies ammo to friendly infantry and MAXes. Has access to anti-infantry turrets, anti-vehicle cannon and an AI-controlled turret. Uses SMGs, carbines, battle rifles and anti-material rifle. Also has access to C4, anti-infantry mines, anti-vehicle mines and sticky grenades


Medic: Heals and revives allied infantry and MAXes. Has access to SMGs, carbines, shotguns and assault rifles. Also has access to revive grenades and AoE heal grenades. Can either use an AoE heal or AoE shield regen. 


Heavy Assault: Has access to LMGs, SMGs, shotguns, carbines and assault rifles and rocket launchers. Can use concussion grenades which slow movement, turn speed and screen blur. Anti-vehicle grenades which stick to vehicles/MAXes and deal moderate damage depending on direction of explosion but is less useful against infantry. Also has ability to use a secondary shield which changes type depending on what's used:

- Nanite Mesh is a secondary shield that absorbs 400 damage. Regens fairly quick

- Adrenaline Shield which absorbs the same amount but recovers slowly. At max rank 1 kill restores 20% of your shield

- Resist Shield which makes you instead take 40 - 50% less damage for the duration. Technically has the highest benefit if used prior to engagements


MAX: Basically a small mech that uses 2 weapons. Can mix and match all weapons to specialize in anti-infantry, anti-air, anti-vehicle or a mix of 2. This unit is classed as a vehicle and requires an engineer to repair any damage sustained as it does not self-repair on its own. Weapons are faction-specific as are abilities.

NC - MAX ability is a frontal shield that absorbs massive amounts of damage from any source; infantry weapons do not drain the shield while 1 C4 destroys the shield instantly

TR - Anchor yourself to the ground and restrict yourself to about 130 degrees worth of turning but in exchange fire 40 - 60% faster and reload faster

VS - Take more damage while increasing your damage and forward movement speed


Then there's a bunch of vehicles; most vehicles are the same while the air fighters and main battle tanks are unique to each faction.

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3 hours ago, WileyWarWeasel said:

@Photoshop Amateur I forgot about this game but it does look interesting.

Do many people still play it online and is it possible to have fun without spending any money?

Yeah since construction was released a few days back max pop for all factions has been hitting around 800 - 850 on Emerald. Not sure how the other servers look and it depends on how long ago you stopped playing. Cert gain was increased massively and a lot of extra things give you XP like every 3 ticks of conversion on a point gives you 75 without any modifiers. Abilities and tools for infantry are fairly cheap to rank up and really change up your style while guns were increased to 1000 certs.


However starting weapons are very viable. Especially if you can get used to the NC Gauss SAW LMG as it has very harsh recoil but can drop a player in 3 shots.

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11 minutes ago, WileyWarWeasel said:

@Photoshop Amateur Sounds good, might play it on my Youtube channel at a later point ;D


10 minutes ago, Johanna Waya said:

I remember this game being freaking awesome, just taking some friends and going out to a place nobody would ever expect and possibly crashing the plane in a burning crash cause I'm a good pirate.

A lot of places that were once usually empty now have some battles going on thanks to construction. You'll even randomly run into fortifications in the middle of nowhere

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On 4/29/2016 at 2:44 PM, Sarcastic Coffeecup said:

Terran DPS is insane and stupid.

The whole doctrine is made for spray and pray people, and the amount of things that lock on to vehicles is retarded. I hate fighting Terrans with a fiery passion.

Conglomerate is a chill faction to fight against though.

I am worthy of the Vanu legacy

I dunno I absolutely hate fighting VS. I can stand spray and pray because nothing matters when you use a jackhammer in CQC. Lock-ons I don't really have a huge problem with since half the time they use it it'll just blow up in their face (except with the Swarm). The Swarm though; love that gun for its different firing modes and the fact that it fires straight before turning.


Vanu on the other hand pull some insane bullshit all the time and it sucks.

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