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Radiohead and Erasers


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I don't know if anyone else cares, but supposedly Radiohead is gearing up to release a new album finally, and now they've gone and fucking erased their entire internet presence 

I find this rather intriguing and exciting.

Makes me think of this.

If you don't care, post erasers. 

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6 minutes ago, Luca said:

I really hope it's better than tKoL. 

Yeah... Aside from "Lotus Flower" and "Mr. Magpie", TKoL wasn't very good.

As far as "Identikit", I dunno; I think the backing vocals are really distracting. But yeah, once the the guitar comes in in the second half, niiiiice.

39 minutes ago, Rabbit Head said:

Here I am wishing The Pixies could release a good album like they used to... :( 

 I don't really know their stuff very well. I really like "Where is My Mind" and Cactus" tho.

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Not bad at all. From this and the songs they've only been playing live, I'm pretty hopeful for the next album. and now everyone can stop telling me that Radiohead was breaking up cause everything got deleted.

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So I just listened to it. 

Did I like it? Yes. :3 Really nice, solid piece of work; way better than much of their other output as of late. And musically, with their new, more orchestral sound, it's quite stunning. I am pleased.

However, I do have some issues with it.....

For one, there really isn't any standout tracks aside from "Burn the Witch" (which, now that I think about it, actually sticks out rather incongruously... At least it's wisely at the beginning of the album, so it can't break the flow). The rest of the songs are nice, but few really grabbed my attention on my first listen.

Another thing: Thom's vocals. He just sounds....sleepy. Like he recorded the stuff really fucking late at night and just didn't really give a shit anymore. I actually found myself really wanting straight instrumental versions of the songs most of the time, because the music is that damn good and Thommy so bland. This album seriously could've been half instrumental and it would have killed.

But, this is a Radiohead album, and if I know anything about their albums, it's that you HAVE to listen several times before you fully grasp all its complexities. 

And @Luca, "Identikit" ended up being my favorite song so far behind the singles!!

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I've been through it a few times and I have to say this one is up there with Kid A and In Rainbows for me. I mean it's so hauntingly beautiful but manages to put in good groove, folk and rock all around.Decks Dark continues to blow me away after like 4 times through, it's probably my favorite. I like what they did to identikit as well and Ful stop is insanely good. Numbers manages to feel like a throwback to a lot and still feel fresh too.

Like I'm barely into how many times I'm gonna go over this album but man have they done excellently on this one. Time for marathon session of everything soon.

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2 hours ago, Luca said:

Decks Dark continues to blow me away after like 4 times through, it's probably my favorite.

I had it on repeat last night and I'd say Decks Dark, Glass Eyes, Identikit, and the two singles are my faves.

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