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Real CSI type shit: Investigators pull fingerprint from photo


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This subhuman piece of shit photographed himself abusing a child. From the photo posted online, investigators were were not only able to find his name on a pill bottle, but pull his fucking finger print from the photp. His fingerprint. I don't know about you guys but holy fuck that's amazing.

I, for one, am very glad this sick fuck is going to be spending the remainder of his natural life in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

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On one hand, that guy is literally the dumbest piece of shit in the world for not putting away anything personally identifiable in the background of a photo. Especially a photo of that nature.
On the other, it's fortunate that he's dumb enough to be caught like this.

This is pretty horrifying, act aside:


The evidence was strong enough to put Stephen Keating behind bars for 110 years. Investigators rescued his 14 victims.

I assume this is related to sex trafficking or something, if he had 14 victims that needed to be rescued.
And that's horrible.

This, on the other hand, rubbed me quite the wrong way:


The child was rescued and the woman is now serving a 25-year sentence.

If the crime is of a similar nature (as what was implied in the text), that doesn't feel like a long enough sentence.
For, you know, sexually abusing children.

Still, it's good that modern tech allows shit like this to be taken care of so quickly.

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