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Something ain't right...


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Howdy folks, so there's two things I noticed


First of all, the site keeps logging me out ever since I changed my password yesterday, despite me checking the ''Remember me'' box. I didn't clean my internet history and I'm currently using Chrome, if that helps

Secondly, before logging back in this morning, I saw this


See my post in the ''(Latest) Posts'' widget? I actually wrote that before going to sleep at least 10 hours ago. Now I just logged back in and I'm looking at that same comment: it now reports the correct time of posting



Just thought I'd point this out. Am I doing something wrong or...? Pretty weird regardless

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Yeah, I've had this issue as well.
Making sure you're actually indeed logged in and forcing a refresh on the logged out homepage will usually fix it.
I've noticed it happens when I log into my account from other devices and browsers.

As for the times, I've noticed it happens when something updates with AJAX without loading the page, meaning the new update will have the proper times, yet the already loaded content will remain with the outdated ones.
In the picture you've provided, it's probably something to do with caching.
Refreshes, once again, fix it. At least for me.

Hope this was of any help.

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I have the same thing happen with the remember me functionality of the login on my phone. I'm usually on public computers though now that I think of it so I wouldn't have checked that box except from my phone. Therefore it's probably a scoping issue where the attribute belongs to the user where it should more appropriately be associated with the user's session. Actually that explains how logging out and back in seem to work for some people since you'd be re-checking the box.

Edit: signing out and back in didn't help me. Furthermore, when I click on the "Phoenixed" banner (the home link) it seems to not only log me out, but the recent posts revert back to an earlier time. 

I still think there might be something with the attribute but I doubt I'll be able to figure anything out for sure without peeking at the source code. The most recent posts might get associated with the user or maybe stored in browser storage, appended onto the stuff in the the server cache rendered with the page, I'm not sure. It makes no sense to maintain a complete cache for every user though.

HTML5 storage and JS management of this stack would offload a hell of a lot from a server with heavy load. This way the actual cache would only need to be updated periodically.

Edit edit: the link that's the arrow in the upper left in a sub forum listing that links to the main page is this:


The link that's logging me out is this:


I'm not sure if the link has a JS handler associated with it's onclick event (on a phone) but it's also possible it is refreshing something only when the rest of the link is present. 

Is there a setting for the link this uses in the admin panel? There often is. If so, it might just need to be changed from the latter to the former.

Also, simply going to forum/ gives a 404.

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