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I did an Etsy! (and so can you!)


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I just opened up my Etsy shop! Don't know if I'll sell anything, there's a lot of competition out there, but I've had a lot of encouragement from family and friends so I thought it was about time I dipped a toe in the water and gave it a shot! Here's my first listing!


Didn't want to put this in the Black Market as it's not related to the fandom, but I WOULD like to encourage anyone else to comment, on my products or Etsy in general, and especially to share your OWN stuff that you've put on there or similar sites! I love a good arting, me!

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The word "chord" is spelled wrong in your description and drop downs and your main copy.

The correct spelling is cord. 

"In actual fact" is improper. All facts are actual. You should just say "in fact."

You might want to drop the "masculine virtues" as people of any gender can show strength in the face of adversity. 

"Singleness of intent" is a really weird phrase. You might want to to change it to "focused" or something like that. 

Don't mention your earlier design that you didn't like. People want to hear about how awesome your products are. Don't mention mistakes or dead ends. 

I'd also leave out the reference to computer circuitry. It really ruins the old fashioned legendary vibe you have going. Just go with the spear theme. 

Don't mention it is an alternative to a shark tooth necklace. You don't want to mention other prospective products because people might click away. Your product should be so unique that it stands alone. Or people might think shark tooth necklaces are goofy and your product is goofy because it is similar. 

When mentioning the weight of the product try to infer that it is comfortable to wear. You don't want people to decide not to order it because it weighs too much to be comfortable. 

I'd start off the description text with the name of the hero and their epic story and then go into the details. Get them interested in the legend and how cool it is first. Then describe the product. The whole idea about owning this piece is that when people ask you" what's up with your necklace?" You can tell them the legend and then they say "wow that's a cool story." 

That's all. Good luck with selling your products. 


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18 hours ago, Conker said:

Looks pretty cool. Gives off a steampunk kinda vibe.

Dunno why you're marketing it to the MODERN MALE though. Seemed kinda silly for what amounts to a necklace.

I think 'Steampunk' should be in the item's name. It means Steampunk fans will search for Steampunk stuff and find it


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