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Plot Twist


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Make a statement. The person who replies will make a statement that takes things in a new direction that is scary, humorous, or otherwise surprising to the reader. Some examples:


1. Bob changed, got into bed, and turned out the light.

- Had it been his house the night may have been more restful for him.


2. Until now Bob had a long work commute.

- However, the recent mudslide had destroyed his home, and the Happy Time Inn is located only two blocks from his employ.


3. Bob, and Sally went to dinner.

- Bob is a cannibal.


4. Bob layed in his bed, unable to sleep.

- The whispering from beneath his bed saying "wait till he's asleep then we'll kill him" may have been a contributing factor.


I think you get the point. I'll get things started...

Billy started his car and shifted into reverse.

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7 hours ago, Faust said:

The nitrous oxide was supposed to be for his car, but in his uneasy mind state he snorted the whole canister in one go and sat there giggling on the roadside for there hours.

... and then he died of sulfur dioxide poisoning since it's added to the N2O used for car intakes

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But fortunately, the company messed up, forgetting to add sulfur dioxide, and after a brief period, Billy regained consciousness, and in a somewhat incoherent state, drove away, running over a group of nuns outside of a nearby convent.

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