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Johanna's Lullaby Thread


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Hello, so music has played a formative part in my life to a degree I probably don't even know.

This thread is a thread to post those songs that bring you back and maybe discover new artists!
(Also songs that evoke a deep feeling and/or atomosphere)

To start, my soulful pieces:

This is Dirt Floor by Chris Whitley, it is a song that always reminds of where I'm from and what I am.
Sorry it's not Flac, though can maaaaaybe arrange via pms if you like any of these songs I post.

A bit sadder, but in the times my life was essentially over I always played back this song in my head.
It is one of the two songs I kept trying to remember in basic training.

Now unto the songs with a distinct atmosphere that I guarantee you have not heard of before but will love!

Chris Whitley and Jeff Lang, two legendary if unknown musicians came together for a colab album. This song, Ravenswood, is originally done by Jeff Lang but here it has so much more depth it is..... unique.

My final is Rain On Troy by Jeff Lang. I cannot express the level of atmosphere this song has, and how amazing it is.. I cannot find it on youtube but am very fortunate to have the album and the flac files in my possession, pleasepleaseplease message me if you are interested so that I may share it.


Watcha guys think? Looking forward to seeing some of your stuff too!

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I Don't really use music to go to sleep but I use calming stuff to wake me up. a soft quietish song helps me wake up and is kind of important. When I wake up to loud sudden sounds it tends to make me sick for the day. it's important that the song stays at a similar sound level throughout it and is kind of slow.

this is the song (this version specifically) I currently have as my alarm clock.


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