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What's Your Go-To Software? (General)


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Okay, so duh there's a shit ton of different programs to be used for different purposes, but what are the ones YOU rely on for that sultry sound splicing?

I do a few different things so the mediums bounce around but focusing on a few specific fields;

When I'm working on music for college I strictly use MuseScore and Sibelius 7, emphasis on Sib 7 since that's going straight to live performance and I don't write electroacoustic at the current time.

Occasionally I'll do small experiments with audio splicing or other junk (basically anything involving wav files) and for that I use Audacity.

I'm currently in "test mode" with a good reliable program for VGM/chip. Right now I'm trying a few:



LSDJ (ported onto a cartridge, so I can run this from a Game Boy)

Other than that I just like to mess around and do live improvisation into Cubase. I've tried LMMS, but the program's really weird about transposing different instruments for some reason. I used to use Alesis Lite Live, but for some reason that interface had a lot more delay than Cubase so I stick to Cubase for the time being.


So yeah! What's the software you like to use?

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I haven't been in the scene for decades like the other tracker nerds out there, but I've become really comfortable with them after starting out on OpenMPT last year. I've recently settled on Renoise, which is basically a fully-featured DAW with a tracker interface. It's really cheap too, at around $75 for freedom from the nag screen and the ability to render things.

I haven't finished anything with it yet cause I'm a lazy piece of shit, but the hours spent on incomplete projects have really gotten me acquainted to it. I'll probably be sticking with it in the future.

I also used Famitracker for a while which is really great for authentic chiptune stuff.

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FL Studio. I've made a handful of tunes with it, and the only reason they don't sound amazing is because I don't know how to make music yet since I"ve only started.

But as a program I love it.

I do use Audacity for recording audio though. Makes Skype podcasts easier since FL fucks with sound drivers and Skype won't work with it open :P

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