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Ok so BloodStained is making great progress and I think anyone that likes adventure Castlevania is most hype for that. In the meantime, can we post less popular/upcoming games of a similar style?

I have a few worth looking into. (You don't need to follow this format, I just don't want to spam videos obnoxiously)

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I just finished Momodora 4. I guess it was ok. Probably the most basic and shortlived of the OP list.

EDIT: Started NG+ and I'm running into a problem that's only now becoming apparent. Backtracking is becoming particularly bothersome now because the map is completed for me now that I've finished the game. I naturally don't have everything memorized from my first playthrough so I'm just here running back and forth HUGE distances just checklisting dead ends to see what the next objective is. You don't get warps until the final stretch of the game. The map being completed now only adds additional confusion since there's no undiscovered areas to tell me what I haven't done. And they don't tell you what area is what. No color coding like Axiom Verge. No transition points between areas like SotN. And no in-map names of the areas (they do have names, but only when you enter them) like Metroid. 

Nothing heinous, but it's noticeable now. Just a minor criticism.

At least there's new stuff to get and some items actually become viable just by you being in NG+.

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