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Should I?

Frozen Glacier

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24 minutes ago, Frozen Glacier said:

Well, yesterday I had another seizure, and it happened just after work, so now I'm considering quitting my job and applying for disability benefits. 

The question, of course, is should I? If I do, I'll have to quit my job and I'll never be self sufficient. 

See your doctor. Find out it there is anything that could possibly be aggravating the seizure condition. 

Talk to an expert about disability and the medical requirements and do calculations to see if it will cover your living expenses. 

Consider the effect that being on disability will have on your quality of life in general. 

Don't just quit without knowing everything first. That would be an incredibly bad idea. 



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Agreed :( Quitting sounds like it sucks, perhaps there's something that can be done about the issue? And you can have disability AND work, right? Some people do

But by all means, if it ends up serious your health is important to consider

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No, don't quit your job. Unless you want to be one of those people at the shelters who live off SSI and never leave. I don't remember but why can't you work? If it's transportation you can get around that. Cities have subways and getting to work is easier. If it's something specific to your job, there are plenty of jobs you can do with epilepsy.

What kind of seizure?

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Talk to your doctor.

Talk to your family.

Talk to your employer.

Find somebody who has gone through something similar and has come out of it well or that you respect and talk to them.

Take it slow and think this through, but don't feel bad about leaving if your employer constantly puts their gain before your health. Everyone deserves to be healthy.

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