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[Life is Strange] Re-creating Chloe's Room


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This is a sub-project of a much much bigger Shortfilm-project I'm currently working on featuring an alternative ending to the game.


I will post something seperate for that when the time comes.




So right now I'm re-creating Chloe's room :D



Software used:

- Blender


- Vue

- UModel

- Everything (Yes that's a file browser)

- Life is Strange (Game)


ATTENTION! The noise you can see is produced by rendering at a low sample rate to not let my pc render for 4 hours/one pic. In all final renders this will not be the case. They will be as smooth as a baby ass. Don't even think of bitching about it!


Day 1 (6 hours straight work)



The room itself is completely finished and set up with textures


Day 2 (12 hours of straight work)





Chaos-corner is almost finished!


Day 3 (12 hours straight work)






Made great progress today with finishing chaos-corner and chaos-desk!

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6 hours ago, Sutekh_the_Steak said:

I've never played Life Is Strange but this looks amazing!

Thanks! There's still a lot to do, but much has been finished so far and it's much much fun working on it

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2 hours ago, Falaffel said:

Will this alternate ending be actually satisfying? :v
(that game makes me salty.)

In seriousness, though, It's looking fantastic. Like, spot on as I remember it. It's great.

I don't know if it will be satisfying to you. For me it is. I'm making it for me, just putting it out to the world to see if others like it.

Here's the screenplay so far. (Chloe's room scene missing)



And thanks!

Rebuilding it straight from the game so it is indeed correct

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Day... the f I know.

This is actually a render from a few days ago.

I can't actively work on the project the next 2 weeks because vacation and shitty laptop, but I can make some more renderings etc.



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